Palacio del Flamenco tickets

Carrer de Balmes, 139, 08008 Barcelona

From 35,00€


Buy your ticket and enjoy in first person all the art that Flamenco from the Palacio Flamenco can offer you in the center of Barcelona. A show performed inside a theater, which gives an even more solemn and elegant aspect to this flamenco show

A magical night at the Palacio Flamenco in Barcelona

If you visit Barcelona, do not hesitate to get your ticket to spend a very special night under the spell of flamenco. This musical art will captivate you completely since the first palms begin to sound.

The show performs 3 daily sessions and you can enjoy one of them: Flamenco and Olé, Flamenco Gipsy and Flamenco Pasión. Flamenco is a genre dated for 3 centuries, and now you will meet the 13 artists of the Palacio Flamenco, who have prepared an exquisite show that will exceed your expectations.

Right there you can also enjoy something that makes them different from other flamenco tablaos: the Flamenco Expierence. This activity, which takes place 30 minutes before the show, will allow you to delve deeper into the roots of flamenco with the viewing of a video and, in addition, you can enjoy a quick flamenco class. A very fun previous experience also included in your entry.

The best thing about this show is that it works with a wide variety of styles within flamenco, from the most classic to the most innovative such as flamenco fusion. Each night is different from the previous one and you can live one of them.

Show schedules

3 daily passes


  • Option 1: 18:00h Dinner – de 18:30h. a 19:30h. Show
  • Option 2: 18:30h – 19:30h Show & Drink


  • Option 1: 20:00h Dinner – de 20:30h. a 21:30h. Show
  • Option 2: 20:30h – 21:30h Show & Drink


  • Option 1: 22:00h Dinner – de 22:30h. a 23:30h. Show
  • Option 2: 22:30h – 23:30h Show & Drink

Duration of the show: 1 hour

Duration of Flamenco Experience: 30 minutes

* Arrive 35 minutes before dinner time to enjoy the Flamenco Experience
* Print the voucher to present it in the access

Ticket prices for Palacio Flamenco includes

  • Flamenco Experience
  • Flamenco show
  • Cup or dinner included depending on the mode of entry
  • Accessibility for people with reduced mobility
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Carrer de Balmes, 139, 08008 Barcelona

Bus: Líneas 7,16,17, 67 y 68.
Metro: L3, L5 (Provença).

Select your ticket

Palacio del Flamenco: Flamenco y Olé from 35 €

Ticket includes dinner or drink and flamenco show

  • Dinner: 6:00PM
  • Show: from 6:30PM to 7:30PM


From 35,00€

Palacio del Flamenco: Flamenco Gipsy from 35 €

Ticket includes dinner or drink and flamenco show:

  • Dinner: 08:00pm
  • Show: from 8:30pm to 09:30pm
From 35,00€

Palacio del Flamenco: Flamenco Pasión from 35 €

Ticket includes dinner or drink and flamenco show

  • Dinner: 10:00pm
  • Show: from 10:30pm  a 11:30pm
From 35,00€
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