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Rokin, 78A, 1012 KW Ámsterdam, Países Bajos

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Fear is a funny thing!

Descend into the darkest reaches of The Amsterdam Dungeon and discover 500 years of horrible history. Experience the wretched conditions aboard a Dutch East India Company ship. Who’ll be condemned to scrub the decks on board the Batavia? Survived the overcrowded and foul voyage? Great! Now you can report to the Council of Blood. Only two verdicts are possible: Guilty or Very Guilty! And the judge knows just how to deal with criminals! Of course you can always try to escape your fate. But whether you’ll find a way out in the dark alleyways of Amsterdam…. Do you dare?

Tip: trust no-one!

Amsterdam Dungeon, the dungeon of horrors

Amsterdam Dungeon is a Gothic horror show. Despite its short history, it is already one of the requirements of this city. Since it opened its doors in 2006, it has not stopped innovating and reinventing itself to become one of the most popular places in Amsterdam.

The dungeon is a journey through the darkness of darker Dutch history. Through its shadowy corridors you will meet curious characters who will wrap you in their shows. In this experience there is nothing planned, everything can happen at any time, without warning, in an adventure not suitable for the most fearful.

Travel and directions

The Amsterdam Dungeon is a 15-minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station. From Central Station you can take tram 9, 4 and 24 to Spui/Rokin to reach us. These stops are just a stone's throw away from The Amsterdam Dungeon. You can also reach us from underground station Nieuwmarkt, but we understand if your visit to The Amsterdam Dungeon is underground enough for a day!

Opening hours

The Amsterdam Dungeon is open every day.

A new tour starts every 10 minutes. It depends on the first in the row whether the next show will be in English or in Dutch. The tours last approximately 90 minutes no matter what time you enter. This is excluding queuing times which may vary.

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Rokin, 78A, 1012 KW Ámsterdam, Países Bajos

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